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I felt Joel is the perfect instructor; very enthusiastic and energetic.  Definitely knows how to teach.  I look forward to taking more classes at PC Applications - Copper Mountain Employee

Excellent - Local Resident

I learned a TON of stuff.  I can't wait to go back and use it - Vail Resorts Employee

"I learned valuable tips, not just on the subject matter (Word) but on getting around the computer - Summit County Employee

"Joel was great.  Very charismatic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about subject matter." - Winter Park Employee

Thanks, Joel.  You're Great! Frisco Business Owner

The instructor explained very well on a level that I could understand - Local Resident

You are an excellent instructor and manage to convey your enthusiasm in a very positive/dynamic way - Copper Mountain Employee

This is a great class; I would gladly take another class from you and would recommend you to others - Grand County Employee

"Thanks, Joel.  You are a brilliant trainer.  Very, very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough.  I will definitely be coming to another session." - Copper Mountain Employee

"Very informative and a great class - Summit County Employee

All of you seminars are very good.  I always recommend you to people - Town of Breckenridge Employee

The hands on experience is perfect - Vail Resorts employee

I have never attended a class that I felt was really directed towards me´┐┐today I did.  Thanks!- Summit County Employee

Great teacher - Breckenridge Resort Chamber Employee

Don't' change anything - Town of Vail Employee

´┐┐Never ending learning in Joel's classes - Copper Mountain Employee

"Great job!  I'll be taking more classes" - TCD Employee 

"Best computer class I've ever taken - RDP Employee

I really liked the fun atmosphere.  Made it a lot more relaxing and therefore easier to learn - Triangle Electric Employee

I feel very confident in working with this program at the office whereas I never felt comfortable before I took it (the class) - Triangle Electric Employee

I really enjoyed the hands on training.  I have a much better idea of how to use Quickbooks now.  Thank you very much." -  Frakman Concrete Employee

"Joel's enthusiasm was simply outrageous and completely contagious." - Keystone Resort Employee

The class size was excellent.  Plenty of one-on-one instruction - Town of Vail Employee

Ability to answer questions and relate topics by instructor was excellent - Local Business Owner

I  believe you are probably the best (instructor) that I have encountered - Town of Vail Employee

Amazing that you can provide useful information for the many different levels of proficiency in the class - Grand County Employee

Great job, again, Joel - Grand County Employee

I always leave these classes so well informed.  Thanks - Grand County Employee

Yet another great class - Community First Bank employee

The book will be a great resource -  Local resident

Joel is very knowledgeable and has great teaching skills - Town of Vail Employee

I like the instructors knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to get it across to the class - Local resident

Awesome - Copper Mountain Employee

Lost my fear of these machines - Local Resident

Love your enthusiasm - ITWCO Employee

"So much valuable info in one day!  Thanks! -  Local Resident

Joel is an excellent teacher - Keystone Symposia Employee

As always, I felt the course was excellent.  Can't begin to tell you how this will help both at work and at home.  Thanks a lot!" - Summit County Employee

"Very extensive training.  Explained chapters thoroughly - CFNB employee

Very good course presented in a clear, concise, and effective manner. Thanks, Joel - APT Employee

Your are impressively knowledgeable - Grand County Employee

Joel is a very good instructor and communicator - ISI employee

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